Тусгай Зориулалтын Англи Хэл

Our ESP classes focus on industry-specific vocabulary and skills (such as, Writing, speaking or listening). Thereby, giving you the skills to perform successfully in in your specific, professional environment. We achieve this by teaching the necessary language through a variety of interactive tasks. These courses focus on developing language skills and functions. Specifically, the skills necessary to perform successfully in a variety of work contexts and situations. To this end, our experienced and dedicated teachers use realistic role-plays to teach the language used individual environments. Potentially, enhancing the importance of cultural awareness. Effectively, you will work with other like-minded learners. These learners will, also, be enthusiastic about the field in which you work. Therefore, students will be able to learn from one another as well as studying the necessary English.

These courses aim to:

- develop student’s language skills in order to perform more effectively in their own business arena.

- focus on vocabulary and functions related to particular business subjects such as telephone English, giving presentations and writing formal emails/letters.

- Build the student’s confidence when working in an international business environment

Зарлагдаж буй сургалт

Students can choose the specific ESP that best suits them. Please see our ESP options below. If your industry is not mentioned below, please contact us for more information! Depending on your specific industry, we might be able to tailor design an ESP course to your needs. Moreover, please contact us directly is you are a group of more than two students and would like to adapt your lessons to something more specialised.